About EMT
Our History
Corporate profile, Company Vision, Values and History

Humble start in Sydney as a rewind shop based in Sydney known as Electric Motors & Transmission. Servicing industries needs for overhaul, and refurbishment of rotating


Established EMT branded Electric Motors, and established a distribution network across Australia and New Zealand


Company name changed to EMT Pty Ltd. Segregated the business into two functional units, Product Division to manage the growth of EMT branded products and Service Division to manage the repair and service works in our own fully fledged workshop facility

Acquired Monophase Electrics Pty Ltd. Expanded in to Defence Assets

Established an Engineering group to handle Industrial refurbishment projects for larger industries such as water & waste water.

Change in company organisation structure for further expansion and strategic organic growth. The business is segregated in to 3 divisions, Products, Services and Projects.

Established a strategic alliance with SCG Exd Tech, India a manufacturer of flameproof switchgear components

2018 saw the formal seperation of EMT Pty Ltd and EMT OMEC Pty under the EMT Global banner.

EMT Pty Ltd functions as a stand alone Engineering project company whilst EMT OMEC after forging a partnership with OMEC remains the groups motor specific operating company now with a global presence.